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Richard Noble

Introduction from Richard Noble OBE

Thank you for accessing the ThrustSSC Media pages - we'd like to explain how this works.

ThrustSSC is not one of those fabulously wealthy projects like the race cars teams. Indeed, only around 80% of our funding comes from corporate sponsorship, the rest coming from our trading activities. We intentionally have no tobacco, charity status, lottery or British Government funding - since we have fought hard for and value highly our independant commercial status.

With severely restricted funding and now huge media interest all over the World - and now a very rapidly developing project, you can understand that we have to offer a very fast very comprehensive service without the cost and time loss involved in mailing press releases and press packs.

The Solution

The service is based around the project's large Internet Web Server installation which is sponsored by Digital and has a capability of 1m access/day.

The system supplies immediately:

  1. Accurate factual and unbiased day by day reporting with photos
  2. Leader articles as circumstances require
  3. Full portfolio of 800+ up to date, high-quality, colour, copyright-free, high resolution, JPEG photos
  4. Full series of press releases
  5. Full 800 page ThrustSSC story and technical archive
  6. Thrust Global Radio 5-minute daily copyright free radio reports in .WAV format (during operations)
  7. Interview service - just e-mail your request to:

We recognise that access to the Internet is not always convenient, and to keep you up to date at such times we have provided the ThrustSSC Information Centre which you may call on 0839-888-850 (from overseas: +44-839-888-850). Recorded reports and a fax-back service are available, as well as a fax-back service of detailed reports on the project's progress. Calls cost 49p per minute at all times.

A key feature of this is that you are getting the real reports direct from the team and not from a third party agency. You can be sure of the content and you can be sure of the photographs.

In order to prompt journalists, we have a full e-mail based prompt service whereby journalists are prompted by email any time there is a significant development with the project, and also sent invitations to press receptions. To be included in this free system, please sign on.

Included in the Site is our search facility which will enable you to search the site for relevant engineering and other material.

In case you find yourself in difficulties, you can quickly contact us by email at:

or you can call the ThrustSSC Information Centre on:

0839-888-850 (Overseas: +44-839-888-850)

(Calls cost 49p per minute at all times)

We hope that this revolutionary service will enable you to get the story dependably, accurately, and with photographs well ahead of your competition. There is of course no real substitute for joining us on the desert where access is free - but that will of course cost you time and money!

Please note that we will be using the database to e-mail and fax all our press invites to press conferences etc. Please be sure to register to ensure that you get your invitations.

If you do want souvenir paper - then please consider joining the Mach 1 Club and we'll send you the bulletins.

Thank you.

For more information on the ThrustSSC Project, please investigate the following sections of this Web Site:

Press Pack

The Press Pack contains pages produced specifically for the members of the Media. ThrustSSC Press Releases, Sponsor Press Releases, arrangements for attending overseas operations in the USAs, professionally written copy on the project background - all these and more are detailed in the Press Pack pages.

Latest News

All news is posted in our Latest News section at the first opportunity. During desert operations, it is posted on an hourly basis - via our satellite link. To get the very latest news, check our Supersonic Race Update pages. In particular, members of the media wishing to view the runs on the Black Rock Desert should check the daily Status page on a regular basis to find out if runs are planned for the next day, and if so, where and when to present themselves.

The Story To Date

Since early 1996 the story of the project has been told in massive detail through the Internet. For the benefit of those who have only recently joined the readership, we have kept all the old news pages. To learn more about the past struggles and successes of the project, please see our Story To Date pages.

Land Speed Record History

If you are producing a more 'in-depth' article on the ThrustSSC Project, you may also be looking for information on the background to this attempt on the Unlimited World Land Speed Record and the Sound Barrier. Our History pages detail all previous holders of the record, and their stories.

Picture Gallery

We take most of our photographs using a Fuji DS-515A digital card camera - based on Nikon's range of SLR professional bodies. The best of these photographs are loaded into our online database together with a detailed caption. These photographs may be downloaded as high-resolution JPEG files (please note that these are not the normal low-reolsution files used on Web Sites) for copyright-free reporting use. To search the database for the photographs you want, or just to browse through the entire collection, please look into our online Photo Gallery.


Over 220 companies have helped the ThrustSSC Team in their quest to be the first to break the Sound Barrier on land. To find out more about these companies and how they have helped the Team, please look into our Sponsor pages.

Runs Database

Information from ThrustSSC's telemetry and data logging is loaded into an online database - including information on peak speeds, distances run, maximum acceleration and deceleration achieved, Driver and Team notes, and meteorological conditions. This information is loaded within minutes of each run, providing the first information of it to the world. To study the information available, please check our Runs Database.

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