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The ThrustSSC Project gratefully thank the following sponsors for their support:

SponsorInformation and Press Releases
A&Z Engineering Ltd
Accles and Pollock Ltd
APL Group (Holdings) Ltd
Ace Conveyor Equipment Ltd
Advance Power Systems
Advertising Matters Ltd Advertising Matters Ltd and Moving Images
Aerotech Ace Ltd
Aerovac Systems Ltd
Pall Industrical Hydraulics Aircraft Porous Media Europe Division of Pall Europe Ltd
Pall Filters Protect ThrustSSC's Engine Fuel System And Its Hydraulic Active Suspension System From Desert Dust
Aireshelta Ltd Aireshelta and Thrust - The Full Story
Airscrew Howden Ltd
Alvis Alvis Vehicles Ltd - Supacats - May 1996
Amfast Industrial & Aerospace Fasteners
Angloco Ltd Firechase - Fire And Rescue Vehicle
APP Screen Printing
Artewisdom Ltd
Assessment Services Thrusting Ahead With Assessment Services
AST First Aid Services
ATSA Publishing
Avdel Systems Ltd
Avery Berkel Avery Berkel's Loadstar Gives ThrustSSC A Boost
Avesta Sheffield Ltd
Axon Axon Cable Ltd
BAA Gatwick
BTR BTR and ThrustSSC in bid to break the sound barrier
BASF Coatings and Inks Ltd
BJ Tooling Ltd
Barclays Merchant Services Ltd
Baxter Woodhouse & Taylor Ltd
Black Box Catalogue Ltd
BOC Gases BOC Gases Provide Welding Materials And Assistance To Thrust SSC - July 1996
BOC Gases - July 1996
BOC Gases In The Fabrication Sector - July 1996
British Aerospace plc
British Alcan Aluminium plc
Brookhouse Patterns Ltd
Buck and Hickman
Bundy Europe
Busak and Shamban Ltd
Cadas Software
Chase Technology
CSC Forest Products Ltd
Castrol All lubricants Castrol International

Castrol Press Information Pack

June 1996 July 1996 October 1996
Chelton (Electrostatics) Ltd
Chiltern Metals LtdAluminium Tool Plate
Clarkson Osborn International Clarkson Osborn Supply Precision Cutting Tools To ThrustSSC
Click Bond
Commercial Recovery and Repairs Ltd
Compair Autopower
Components and Linkages Group Ltd
Computervision Ltd
Coventry Investment Group
Coventry Presswork Ltd
Coventry University
CRS Insurance Services
Cray Research Cray Research (UK) Ltd
Cytec Aerospace Ltd
Daikin Daikin
DERA Centre for Human Sciences
DRA Pyestock
DERA The Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
DERA Shoeburyness
DTEO Pendine
Dowty Aerospace
Digital Digital Equipment Ltd
Supersonic Computing on the Internet - 18th October 1995
Electronic Commerce Thrusts Into New Gear
Digital Supports Performance Trials For World's First Supersonic Car - 19th May 1997
Dowty Rotary Seals
Dostana Telecommunications Group Dostana Telecommunications Group
Dunlop Aviation Division Dunlop Aviation Supplies Wheels And Brakes For ThrustSSC
Dunlop Aviation New Wheels For ThrustSSC Will Be Used At Black Rock
EIS Associates
Elgamec Ltd
Endevco Accelerometers For Measurement Of Directional Acceleration Of ThrustSSC
Enpar Ltd Enpar Ltd
Eurohose Ltd
Executive Catering Executive Catering
Farndon Engineering
Fanning Polyform ThrustSSC Track Marker Available In Only Two Weeks
Fastavia Industries Ltd
Feedback Systems
First Inertia Switch Ltd
Forward Industries Ltd
Flupac Ltd
Fuel Safe Fuel Safe UK Ltd
Fujifilm (UK) Ltd Fujifilm (UK) Ltd
FX Rentals Ltd
G Force G Force Precision Engineering Ltd
G Force Composites Ltd
Gallet International bv
Gatwick Handling International
Grayston White & Sparrow Ltd
Graphic Innovation Ltd
Green Flag Group
George Engineering Co Ltd
Glenair International Ltd
Goodridge (UK) Ltd
Gould Alloys Ltd
Gurnett Lyons & Co Ltd
W.L. Gore & Associates
H&B Sensors Ltd
HDA Forgings Ltd
Hampshire Technical Supplies Ltd
Harmon Manufacturing
Harpers AV Harpers AV Ltd
Hatfield Machine Tool Company Ltd
Hawk International Distributors Ltd
Hawker Energy Hawker Energy Products Ltd
HeavyLift-VolgaDnepr HeavyLift-VolgaDnepr Cargo Airlines - Flying Thrust SSC around the world
World's Largest Commercial Freighter Aircraft Ensures A Fast Delivery For Britain's First Supersonic Car
Hellermann Electric Hellermann Electric Design Wiring System For Thrust SSC
Hellermann Insuloid
Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd
Hepco Slide Systems Ltd Hepco Slide Systems Ltd
Hewlett Packard Ltd
Hogarth Safetywear Ltd
Honda UK Honda Generators Power UK's World Land Speed Record Bid
Holroyd Instruments Ltd
Hughes Network Systems The Internet Link To The Desert
Hughes Olivetti Telecom The Internet Link To The Desert
Inbis Group Ltd
ITT Canon UK
Jaguar Firechase - Fire And Rescue Vehicle
Kaynar Technologies Ltd
Keithley Keithley Instruments Ltd
Kidde Kidde Supplies Fire Protection For ThrustSSC
Firechase - Fire And Rescue Vehicle
Protecting ThrustSSC From Fire
Fire Safety - The Number One Priority
Kulite Sensors Ltd Kulite Sensors Shape Thrust SSC Project
LTI Carbodies Ltd
Lambda Photometrics Ltd
Land Infrared Land Infrared - Cyclops Thermal Imager Assists Thrust SSC Design And Engine Testing
Rover Group Discovery Goes Supersonic As Rover Group Sponsors Thrust SSC Land Speed Record Attempt - 17th June 1996
Lista (UK) Ltd
Livingston Rental Livingston Rental Ltd
Longford Gear Cutting Co Ltd
MFC Survival Ltd Firechase - Fire And Rescue Vehicle
Martin-Baker Martin-Baker Help Safeguard Safety Of ThrustSSC
Marilake Instruments Ltd Thrust Speed Record Car Uses Marilake Instruments - 14th October 1996
Marlow Ropes
Marshall of Cambridge Aerospace Ltd
Maywood Instruments Ltd
McCann Advertising
Metspin Ltd
Measurements Group Measurements Group UK Ltd
Merlo UK Ltd Merlo Provide ThrustSSC With Telescopic Boom Handler
Mettex Electric Co Ltd
Microcadam Microcadam Ltd
Microsoft Microsoft Ltd
Moog Controls Ltd
Morris Hoists
MIRA MIRA helps Thrust SSC steer straight for record attempt - 3rd June 1994
Motorola Making History With Motorola And Thrust SSC
Neotronics Ltd
Network Cargo
National Physical Laboratory National Physical Laboratory - Forcing Thrust SSC Through The Sound Barrier
Nimlok Ltd
Normalair-Garrett Ltd
Nova Pressall Ltd Nova Pressall Ltd
Nurdin & Peacock Ltd
Oleo International Ltd
PDS Engineering Ltd
Page Group Ltd
Paris Hose & Ducting Ltd
Patrico Ltd
Pearson and Wilkinson Ltd
Pegasus Aviation Ltd Team Pegasus - Leading Edge To ThrustSSC Record Attempt
Pep Limited
Permabond Permabond At The Speed Of Sound - Adhesives Hold The Fastest Car In The World Together
Breaking The Sound Barrier Calls For Sound Adhesives, Which Don't Break!
Toughened Adhesives - How Do They Work?
Rivet Bonding
Permabond Division, National Starch & Chemical Ltd
Permabond Proud To Have Helped Thrust Prepare For Its Trip To The Record Books
Plane Trucking Ltd
Pilkington Aerospace Ltd Pilkington Aerospace Ltd
Pirtek (Slough/Heathrow)
Polamco Polamco Ltd
Polyloo Ltd
Power Cleaning Equipment
Powervamp Ltd
Protape Ltd
Protector Technologies Protector Technologies Europe
Protape Ltd
PULNiX Europe Ltd
RACAL Health and Safety Ltd
R.F.Saywell Ltd
R.G.B. Stainless Ltd
Reproprint Ltd Reproprint Ltd
Reading Pneumatic Services Ltd
Red Box International Ltd
Redhill Bearings Ltd
Renold Chain
Robert Brooks (Auctioneers) Ltd
Rockwool Ltd
Rolls-Royce Military Aero Engines Ltd
Rope & Tackle (Solent) Ltd
Royal Jordanian Airlines
Silicon Graphics
SKF SKF Bearings Specified For The World's Fastest Car - November 1995
Schenck The Importance Of Well-Balanced Wheels At The Speed Of Sound
Scott-Bader Ltd
Servo Servo and Electronic Sales Ltd
Sil-Mid Single Source Chemical Supply from Sil-Mid
Snap on Tools Ltd All Tooling Snap-on Tools Ltd
SOL Group Ltd
Solartron Metrology Solartron Metrology Helps Keep ThrustSSC On Track
ThrustSSC Uses Solartron's New Linear Encoder To Check Steering Compliance
Sonic Communications Ltd
Sosoft Ltd Sosoft Supply Voice Over The Hughes PES For The Land Speed Record Attempt
Southern Electric plc
Space Airconditioning plc
Space Technology Systems Ltd
Spax Ltd Spax Backs Noble Project - 3rd June 1994
Speedboard Ltd
Sterling Hydraulics Sterling Hydraulics Design Hydraulics System For ThrustSSC
Thrust Supersonic Car Aims To Break Sound Barrier With The Help Of Sterling Hydraulics
Steerforth Sales Ltd
Sterling Software Fastest Man On Earth and Sterling Software Consultant Bring The Thrust Supersonic Land Speed Record Attempt to the Web - 15th October 1996
Sterling Software Develop Web-based Database As Part Of ThrustSSC's Land Speed Attempt Website - 29th May 1997
Stirling International
Technology Ltd
Stockbridge Racing Ltd
Supacat Supacat Ltd - Supacats - May 1996
Survirn Engineering Survirn Engineering Ltd
Tallent Packaging Ltd
Taxan (Europe) Ltd Taxan (Europe) Ltd
Technasales Ltd
TI Group TI Group plc
TI Accles & Pollock TI Accles & Pollock Ltd
Tivoli Tivoli Systems Inc
Totton Pumps Totton Pumps Ltd
Traction Traction Equipment (Stafford) Ltd - Supacats - May 1996
Trintech Trintech, Digital And Microsoft Break Barriers With The First Secure Payment Implementation In The UK
Trimble Trimble GPS Sets Course For World Record Attempt
Trimite Ltd
Tudor Diamonds
UK Safety plc
Universal Carbon Fibres Firechase - Fire And Rescue Vehicle
Faster Than The Speed Of Sound
Universal Salvage plc
Unique Graphics Ltd
Universal Packing Ltd
Vacuum and Industrial Products Ltd
Vickers Vickers System Division, Aeroquip-Vickers Ltd
Vocality Ltd Communication Suitable For The Land Speed Record!
Vosper Thornycroft (UK) Ltd
VSN Steels Ltd
WDS Ltd WDS Ltd - Jig and Fixture Parts
RL Walsh & Sons RL Walsh & Sons (Coventry) Ltd
Weber Emergency Cutting Gear For ThrustSSC
Warwick Trailers Ltd
Welding Star Ltd
Western Nevada Supply Co
Wyken Tools Ltd
XP plc XP Gives ThrustSSC A Supersonic Power Boost

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