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The World Land Speed Record is a living story - no-one knows if or how it will end. For over two years we have related ThrustSSC's progress on the Internet - in that time the accesses have grown from some 3000 a day, to well over 3 million. Many people have joined the readership in that time, and have not had the pleasure of finding out how it all began, or of following progress day by day as we struggled to build and develop the world's fastest ever car. This is that story, as told through these pages.

  1. Chapter 1: The Challenge Of Mach 1
  2. Chapter 2: Proving The Case - The Research Programme, England and Wales, 1992-1994
  3. Chapter 3: Shaping Up - The Build Programme, England, June 1994-6
  4. Chapter 4: Initial Testing - The First Runs, England, Summer 1996
  5. Chapter 5: Struggles and Frustrations - The Jordan1 Campaign, Jordan, Autumn 1996
  6. Chapter 6: Redesign, Rebuild, Regroup - Preparing For Jordan2, England, Winter and Spring 1996/7
  7. Chapter 7: Quick Results - The Jordan2 Campaign, Summer 1997
  8. Chapter 8: The Quest For Cash - Preparing For Black Rock, England, Summer 1997
  9. Chapter 9: Going For The Sound Barrier - The Black Rock Campaign, America, Autumn 1997
  10. Chapter 10: New Horizons - The End Of The Story, Winter 1997

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