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There are no constraints on reproduction of the information unless otherwise specified.

There are seven main sections:

  1. Journalist Sign-up
  2. Black Rock Thrustbriefs
  3. ThrustSSC Press Releases
  4. Sponsor Information and Press Releases
  5. Other Thrust SSC-related Press Releases
  6. The online Photo Gallery
  7. The online site Search facility

In addition to the above, the Castrol Press Information Pack (available lower down this page and in the Sponsors section) contains background information about the project which may be used in reporting.

Are You Getting Your Updates?

Are you getting your updates by fax or email? If not, please contact us at Thank-you.

Journalist Sign-Up

The Thrust SSC Team maintain a list of journalists who wish to receive regular press information about the Project. For details of how to sign-up for entry on the list, please click on the above title.

Black Rock Accreditation Sign-Up

If you plan to attend the record attempt on the Black Rock Desert and would like to apply for media credentials, please let us know using our online form.

Black Rock Thrustbriefs

Media and VIP briefings about the Black Rock Campaign direct from the ThrustSSC Team.

ThrustSSC Press Releases

Press releases from the ThrustSSC Team are posted here.

Sponsors and Sponsor Press Releases

Press Releases from our sponsors and information about them are posted here.

ThrustSSC Related Press Releases

Other Press Releases related to the ThrustSSC project are posted here.


Searchable Picture Database

This section contains pages of pictures and a searchable database of photographs and drawings of:

Alain Ernoult

In addition to the free photographs available online, the project has been followed during operational periods on the Jafr Desert, Jordan, and the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, by the famous French photographer, Alain Ernoult. Alain and Paris Match magazine, as sponsors of the ThrustSSC project, have built an incredible collection of photographs of the car and team in action. These photographs are available for publication - further details are available from Alain Ernoult on:

Tel:+33-1-45-42-43-43 or

Thrust SSC Web Site Search

If you are looking for specific information, you can search the Web Site here.

Castrol Press Information Pack

Castrol have supplied the following Press Information Pack containing a lot of superbly written information about the project during the research and build program:

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