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We wanted to explain more about how the Internet is helping us with the enormous task of researching, designing, financing and building our supersonic car, as well as to use the power of the 'net to help us inform the world about this incredible project, so we have included these pages to help us do that.

Thrust News - The Thrust SSC World Wide Web Server

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Sponsored by the Digital Equipment Corporation, our World Wide Web Server enables people around the world to follow the project's progress. As well as enabling us to pass on information, the Web site also enables anyone with email to write in to us with their questions and ideas, and in many cases just with words of encouragement!

Feedback: Without your feedback we don't know how to make this a better and more interesting site! Please let the Thrust SSC Internet Team know what you think by emailing us at with any comments, suggestions, criticisms or questions.

Having Internet Problems? Not everyone is an expert at configuring their computer to use the Internet and the World Wide Web. We occasionally get emails from people having problems - if you need help to access our site better, please email us at and we will do our best to assist. If you are emailing using this link instead of your usual email software, please ensure that your return email address is correct so that we can reply!

E-mailing list: We maintain a list of followers of Thrust SSC and Thrust News who we email to inform them of events, upcoming appearances and news. Just fill in the form and we'll put you on the list.


Much of the communication within the team, who are spread geographically over most of the UK, is done by email. Its ability to pass information quickly and cheaply, as well as transfer files between team members (for example, design drawings of Thrust SSC itself) has been incredibly useful to us.

It is a privilege of Mach 1 Club membership to be able to write in directly to the team members. Email Ids for team members are published in the Question Time section of the Club Members-only pages.

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We couldn't produce this section without adding hot links to some of our favourite sites on the Web. After all, the Web lives by these links. We've grouped them into sections for you:

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