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The Thrust SSC Project is delighted to present their 'World Land Speed Record Links' page in order to help you better follow the various teams challenging for the World Land Speed Record!

We are happy to include the links below on a reciprocal basis on the understanding that this does not constitute an endorsement of either the website concerned, the services offered, or the project that it supports.

Aussie Invader III and Rosco McGlashan
The Australian challenger for the World Land Speed record, Rosco McGlashan, has been busy incorporating the lessons he learned with Aussie Invader II into his new challenger, Aussie Invader III.
North American Eagle and Rick Kikes and Gary Swenson
Although not a competitor in the race to the Sound Barrier on land, the North American Eagle team (formerly American Eagle 1) have their sights set on Richard Noble's current subsonic World Land Speed Record.
Spirit of America and Craig Breedlove
It doesn't take a long look at the Thrust SSC Web Site to realise that we are not alone in this quest to break the Sound Barrier on land. Craig Breedlove and his Spirit of America challenger are detailed on these three sites.
Land Speed Record Mailing List and Article
Andrew Henry maintains an e-mailing list in Bath for people interested in the World Land Speed Record, as well as some in-depth articles about attempts on the record.
Dreamliner II
Although not challenging for the absolute record, this Swedish attempt on a 'class' record was successful in September 1996 in Falkenberg.
Woomera 1
Challenging for the wheel-driven record are the Australian Woomera 1 Team.

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