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Welcome to Question Time - the opportunity for Mach 1 Club Electronic Members to interact with the Thrust SSC people. Below we have a list of all the team members who have email ids - please feel free to contact them at any time - they have all promised to reply to any emails you might send them!

If you're not sure who to write to, or you just want to write to the whole team, just drop us a line at and we'll route it to the right person (or everyone!) for you.

We are also posting the most popular questions ("FAQs" in Internet-speak) for you to read, together with the Team's answers.

Adam Northcote-Wright Adam Northcote-Wright

Communications and Video Manager
Andrew Noble Andrew Noble

Overseas 'Mr. Fixit'
Andy Green Andy Green

Brian Palmer Brian Palmer

Transport Manager
Jeremy Davey Jeremy Davey

Internet Team Coordinator
Glynne Bowsher Glynne Bowsher

Design Engineer for spaceframe, wheels, brakes, suspension and steering
Jeremy Bliss Jeremy Bliss

Vehicle Systems
Kanti Pankhania Kanti Pankhania

Leigh Remfry Leigh Remfry

Martyn Davidson Martyn Davidson

Farnborough Coordinator
Michael Horne Michael Horne

Bodywork Desiger and builder
Nick Chapman Nick Chapman

Internet Team and Electronic Mach 1 Club Coordinator
Pete Ross Pete Ross

Engineering Manager
Richard Noble Richard Noble

Chairman, SSC Programme Ltd
Robbie Kraike Robbie Kraike

Robin Richardson Robin Richardson

Interactive Projects
Ron Ayers Ron Ayers

Aerodynamicist and Performance Design Engineer

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