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The Thrust SSC Project is delighted to present their 'Friendly Links' page!

The following sites have contacted us asking that we provide links to them. We are happy to agree to this on a reciprocal basis on the understanding that this does not constitute an endorsement of either the website concerned, the services offered, or the project that it supports.

Anthony's Auto Books
Antony's Auto Books have a large selection of books about autos on their Web Site.
BBC Tomorrow's World
Tomorrow's World swimming baby logo
Tomorrow's World is following the Thrust SSC Team's attempt on the World Land Speed Record closely. Keep an eye on our TV page for details of our next appearance on this program.
British Museum Of Road Transport
This British Museum of Road Transport in Coventry won the race to house and exhibit Thrust 2, the current holder of the World Land Speed Record driven by Richard Noble on 4th October 1983. The Audio-Visual display around Thrust 2 is mind-blowing, but until you can get there to see it, this is their Web Site.
eAuto is an automotive directory and services Web Site.
Harvey Racing Engines
Jim Harvey's shop builds engines for Drag Racing (Alcohol and Nitro engines). Check out this link for more details.
Internet Chart ShowInternet Chart Show
A new Internet Top Ten chart is published here each week (and yes, we've been in it!).
JP Aerospace
JP Aerospace is attempting the first amateur rocket launch to space, using the same Black Rock Desert as ThrustSSC is using for record breaking.
Kew Bridge Steam Museum
The Kew Bridge Steam Museum maintains and operates old steam engines, including a huge beam engine - check out this link for more details.
MG Owners ClubMG Cars Enthusiasts' Club
Everyone has heard of MG - this is the Web Site of the true followers of that marque!
Motor Trade Software
Motor Trade Software is a specialist software house, designing and supplying computer programs especially for the Automobile Trade.
NetCar is an online car trading site.
Reading FC Fanzine - Hob Nob Anyone?
We had to include this one... Run by the student who built up this site in its first year, the football crazy, beer drinking (doesn't that come under the student bit?), all-round good egg, Graham Loader, this is the site for Reading FC supporters! Some great sound clips in the match reports.
Science NetScience Net
The ultimate science site! Have you a science question that is burning away at you, or are you just interested in science in general. This site has the answers to all your questions - or they will find the answer for you!
The National Rocket Car Association
The NRCA website is loaded with photos of fully functional scale rocket cars. You'll find safe codes and competition regulations for drag racing rocket cars and setting scale land speed records. You'll also find listings of when and where rocket cars are being run. The links page includes dozens of links to both scale and full size land speed and rocket car vehicles.
The TimesThe Times
The Times is covering the Thrust SSC Project in their Car 96 section on a regular basis. Check here for more details.
UK OnlineUK Online
UK Online is one of the UK's leading ISPs, and has featured the ThrustSSC Web Site in their Internet section in the past. Check here for more details.

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