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If you would like to contact ThrustSSC, please see the appropriate section below:


  1. Details of ThrustSSC and the World Land Speed Record Challenge

    If you require details of ThrustSSC and the attempt to break the Sound Barrier on land, please check our online Press Pack which contains large amounts of information to help you. The rest of the Web Site also contains substantial quantities of background information about the history of the record, the car and the team. If you are unable to find the information you want, please contact us (details below).

    The latest news is also available from the ThrustSSC Information Centre which can be called on 0839-888-850 (calls cost 49p per minute).

  2. Photos

    Because of the sheer scale of this enterprise and the global demand for photographs, we have decided not to supply prints or transparencies of photographs, but instead to make them available through an online Photo Gallery containing hundreds of reproduction-quality high-resolution digital photographs of ThrustSSC, the ThrustSSC Team and special events. The Photo Gallery is continually kept up to date, with most photographs being loaded to the site within hours of being taken. Except where stated, photos may be downloaded for reporting use free of charge.
    Please note that these photographs are not the usual small photographs commonly found on the Internet, but high-resolution, true-colour images intended for reproduction in newspapers and magazines.

  3. Enquiries

    Please email is on if you have any queries. We will do our best to help.

  4. Contact List

    We maintain a list of media contacts who would like more information about ThrustSSC as the Land Speed Record Challenge unfolds. For details of how to sign up online or by fax, please see our online Press Pack.

Mach 1 Club Members

(Please click here for more details of the Mach 1 Club and how to join)

  1. General Enquiries

    Please email general Mach 1 Club enquiries to or fax us on +44 (0)181 941 1165.

  2. Electronic and Gold Members

    Electronic and Gold Members of the Mach 1 Club who would like to contact a specific member of the team, please go to the Question Time section of the Mach 1 Club Members-only pages for team members' individual Email Ids.

All other enquiries

The ThrustSSC Team may be contacted via email at The Internet Team will endeavour to ensure that your enquiry reaches the right person!

Thank-you for your interest in ThrustSSC and our attempt to set the first Supersonic World Land Speed Record!

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