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The ThrustSSC Team

The ThrustSSC Team

These are the people who work full-time or voluntarily and have brought the car from its original concept to completion. But of course, there are many other people involved - it would be virtually impossible to mention everyone from the sponsoring companies, especially G Force Engineering and DRA Farnborough, and also members of the Mach 1 Club, who have all made enormous efforts to get the car to where it is now.

Robert AtkinsonRobert Atkinson - Electronics
Ron AyersRon Ayers - Aerodynamicist
Simon BakerSimon Baker - Microlight Pilot
Rod BarkerRod Barker - Electronics
Jeremy BlissJeremy Bliss - Vehicle Systems
Glynne BowsherGlynne Bowsher - Mechanical Designer
Nick ChapmanNick Chapman - Electronic Mach 1 Club and PR
Jim ClarkJim Clark - Technician
John CoppingerJohn Coppinger - Mach 1 Club Team Member
Chris CowellChris Cowell - Engines Manager
Matt ColeMatt Cole - Mach 1 Club and Internet Team
Jeremy DaveyJeremy Davey - Webmaster and Satellite Communications
Martyn DavidsonMartyn Davidson - Operations Manager
Ian DenningtonIan Dennington - Technician
Nick DoveNick Dove - Workshop Manager
Jeremy DuckJeremy Duck - Fluffy Toy
John FackJohn Fack - Microlight Pilot
Neal FletcherNeal Fletcher - Mach 1 Club Organiser
Jack FranckJack Franck - Trackmaster
Linda FranckLinda Franck - Track Crew
Sonny FranckSonny Franck - Team Mascot
Duncan GarrettDuncan Garrett - Mach 1 Club and Internet Team
Andy GreenAndy Green - Driver
Steve GeorgiiSteve_Georgii - You There!!
Mike HearnMike Hearn - Fireman and Roadshows
Ninetta HearnNinetta Hearn - Merchandising, Catering and Roadshows
Rob HemperRob Hemper - Technician
Mike HorneMike Horne - Bodywork
Robbie KraikeRobbie Kraike - Technician and Parachutes
Suzy KraikeSuzy Kraike - Merchandising and Catering
John LovattJohn Lovatt - Mach 1 Club Organiser
Barbie McSeanBarbie McSean - Mach 1 Club and Internet Team
Richard Meredith-HardyRichard Meredith-Hardy - Microlight Pilot
Jayne MillingtonJayne Millington - Runs Controller
Andrew NobleAndrew Noble - Overseas Logistics
Richard NobleRichard Noble - Project Director
Sally NobleSally Noble - Merchandising
Adam Northcote-WrightAdam Northcote-Wright - Video and Communications
Steve O'DonnellSteve O'Donnell - Electronics
Brian PalmerBrian Palmer - Transport Manager
Leigh RemfryLeigh Remfry - Fuel Systems Engineer and Sponsor Liaison
Paul RemfryPaul Remfry - Desert Security
Robin RichardsonRobin Richardson - Mach 1 Club and PR
Pete RossPete Ross - Engineering Manager
Bill SherlockBill Sherlock - Microlight Pilot
Ruth StringerRuth Stringer - Data Analysis
Steve WiltshireSteve Wiltshire - Engines
Bruce WhiteBruce White - Parachutes Consultant

If you would like to ask the team questions, then why not join the Mach 1 Club. One of the benefits of membership is being able to email the team. See the Mach 1 Club pages for further details.

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