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ThrustSSC is operated in a variety of locations, depending on site availability and the type of running required. Please see below for more details of each of location used.

DRA Farnborough

ThrustSSC on the runway at Farnborough
(ThrustSSC slows to a stand on the runway at Farnborough. Photo: Jeremy Davey)

The build of ThrustSSC was completed at the Defense Research Agency's site in Farnborough, Hampshire, England - a place synonymous with Britain's aerospace research heritage. Low-speed tests are carried out on the main runway at the base which has sufficient length to allow 200mph runs with full afterburners.

Jafr Desert

ThrustSSC on the Jafr Desert
(ThrustSSC at speed on the Jafr Desert. Photo: Jeremy Davey. Image taken with a Fujifilm DS-515A Digital Card Camera)

High-speed tests were carried out on the Jafr Desert at Al Jafr, Jordan in October/November 1996 and May/June 1997. A site never before used for running World Land Speed Record cars, the Jafr Desert has the enormous advantage of being dry for the vast majority of the year, although record speeds are restricted by the limited length, copious stones and bumpy surface.

Black Rock Desert

A dust trail across the Black Rock Desert
(A dust trail across the Black Rock Desert. Photo: Robin Richardson)

The record-attempt is being carried on the Black Rock Desert, at Gerlach, Nevada, USA - the site used by Richard Noble when he set his current record of 633.468mph. Longer than Jordan, the desert is also softer and smoother, but is only useable for about a month and a half in September/October each year.

Please click for more information about the Black Rock Desert and the record attempt there.

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