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"On the face of it, the World Land Speed Record might seem simple: obtain the most powerful engine available to you, assemble a team of specialists prepared to take career risks, build the smallest practical car and then ferry the whole outfit to a remote desert track 6,000 miles from home...and have a go."

That was Richard Noble speaking in the foreword to the 1985 book "Land Speed Record" by Cyril Posthumus and David Tremayne, a book that is generally accepted in LSR circles as the definitive textbook on the subject. But as Richard pointed out later on, it isn't quite as simple as that - the principles behind the design of a Land Speed Record car are technically very complex. If you want the full details, see Ron Ayers' excellent article on Thrust SSC's Design Philosophy - but if you want a simple overview of how Thrust SSC's design was decided, read our Design Overview.

Key Components

Not all the components can be individually identified on the 'Clickable Car', without zooming in to a very high resolution. For example, the fire system is comprised of many relatively small components spread throughout the car. To cater for this, we've added the list of articles below for you to read, instead of trying to put them on the cutaway picture:

Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions are considered from a number of viewpoints - the impact of the environment on ThrustSSC, the impact of ThrustSSC on the environment, and the impact of ThrustSSC on itself. For more information, please read the following articles:

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