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Andy Green, ThrustSSC's driver

Andy Green

Many people were surprised when Richard Noble, current holder of the World Land Speed Record, announced that he would not be driving the car on this attempt. The CVs immmediately flooded in, and after a rigorous set of selection criteria had been applied, the remaining candidates for the position of "Driver of the most powerful car ever built" were subjected to exhaustive and exhausting tests. They were kept up all night in a hot room; their reflexes were tested again and again; and most enjoyable of all, their ability to drive a car at the limit were tested at a rally school!

At the end of it all, the driver of Thrust SSC was announced at a ceremony at Brooklands Museum - Andy Green, a fighter pilot with the RAF, will be the driver of first car to set a supersonic World Land Speed Record.

Andy's preparation has been extensive. He has worked closely with the team on the design of the cockpit, as well as undergoing rigorous training to enhance his already-impressive driving skills. His clothing has been carefully selected, and in some cases, specially designed for the task.

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