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American Eagle's Thoughts - 16th July 1996

From:  Desmond Weller
Sent:  16 July 1996 20:41
To:  Richard Noble
Subject:  American Eagle's thoughts

I sent the following question to American Eagle's email address as they are not 
attempting to break the sound barrier, and received the subsequent reply.  I would be 
very interested to hear your comments.

Best wishes for testing in Al Jafr,

Desmond Weller.

<I would very much like to know your views on the other World Land Speed
 Record projects currently in progress, wth particular reference to the
 supersonic attempts and Thrust SSC.

 Best wishes,

 Desmond Weller

Hi Desmond,
Thanks for your Question. My view as the driver of the AE1 is that while the
other 3 projects are very impressive, they are not in our view, able to go
through the sound barrier on the ground more than once. In other words the
vehicle would be blown off the ground and crash. We do have many opinions
from our volunteer help from Boeing and Northrup that agree. We have also
spoken with the other teams about this and we beleive that they know this
and are just using it as hype to raise $. Our team will not do that to raise
Gary Swenson>

Richard Noble's reply

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