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The Microplex Web Cameras

To give you the chance to see what is happening for yourselves, we've put three Microplex Web Cameras on the Web Site.

Please note:

Please note that the Web Cameras have been taken offline with the successful conclusion of the Black Rock Campaign. There are no plans to reinstall them at Farnborough with the project coming to a close - the last of the Black Rock images have been left on until the Web Site closes down.

Pit Station

Live image from the Web Camera in the Pit Station

The Pit Station contains all the Digital computers and communications equipment used in the desert during operations, as well as 'clean room' and stores. It is the centre of operations during runs of ThrustSSC.

(Please note: As the ovenight desert watch crew sleep in the Pit Station at night, this camera may be 'capped'.)

Black Rock Desert

Live image from the Web Camera on the Pit Station roof

So you can check the weather for yourselves, we've installed one camera looking out over the desert.

Weather guide:


Live image from the Web Camera in the Aireshelta

ThrustSSC is usually housed in this specially-built inflatable Aireshelta on the desert. During the day you will be able to see work under way on the car.

Please click here for more information on the Microplex Web Cameras.

The Web Cameras are connected to the Web Site through our Digital RoamAbout wireless desert computer network and our Hughes satellite link .

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