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Ron Ayers

Chief Aerodynamicist and Research Co-ordinator

Ron Ayers

Current Residence:



65 years

Place of birth:



I started my career as an apprentice at Handley Page Ltd and worked on the prototype of the Victor Bomber. For much of my career I worked in the Guided Weapons Division of British Aircraft Corporation at Bristol working as Chief Aerodynamicist, Head of Operational Research and Deputy Head of Management Services. For much of the time at Bristol I worked on the Bloodhound ground-based anti-aircraft missile.

How did you get involved in the project?

Interest in the Land Speed Record was triggered when I found, in the archives of the Brooklands Museum, wind tunnel reports describing research on the great pre-war Land Speed Record vehicles such as Bluebird, Golden Arrow and Silver Bullet. It was while researching these reports that I met Richard Noble. The ThrustSSC project stemmed from that chance meeting.

Responsibilities in the UK:

As Chief Aerodynamicist I am primarily concerned with the stability, control and performance of the car.

Responsibilities in Jordan:

As well as monitoring ThrustSSC's runs, I spent quite some time leading "defodding" parties and making sure all the debris was cleared from the tracks.

Responsibilities in the US:

Again I will be defining ThrustSSC's run profiles.


I'm not an expert in subsonic cars - I drive a Renault 21.

Favourite Music:

Nothing in particular

What sort of books would you read if you had the time?

I like to keep in touch with recent advances in science and mathematics, philosophy, and blood and thunder thrillers.


I enjoy making stain glass windows.

What do you want to do when the project is over?

I will have a good long holiday!

What have you learned from this experience?

I'm always learning...

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