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Jayne Millington

Run Controller

Jayne Millington


RAF Officer

Current Residence:

RAF Buchan



Place of birth:


Marital Status:

Andy Green's partner


I did a BA(Hons) at Magdalen College, Oxford where I was the first female to read physics since 1483! I joined the RAF in 1986 as an Intercept Controller. I was the first lady to attend GD Aerosytems course, winning the Aries Trophy. This success led to a software job at Conningsby where I met Andy.

How did you get involved in the project?

Through Andy Green, the driver.

Responsibilities in the UK:

I have two jobs, the first as Comms Coordinator - controlling the movement and safety of vehicles and people during SSC runs - and as a member of the systems team - I do some of the donkey work under/over SSC at the direction of Jeremy Bliss.

Responsibilities in Jordan:

I was Run Controller for Jordan 1, but was posted to the Falkland Islands for Jordan 2.

Responsibilities in the US:

Again I am Run Controller.

Previous crazy ventures:

White water rafting in the Zambesi Gorge and watching Andy do the highest bungee jump in the world in the Gorge.


Saab 900 LPT Cabriolet.

Favourite Music:

Anything classical and U2.

What sort of books would you read if you had the time?

No trash.


ThrustSSC - what else?

What do you want to do when the project is over?

Sleep, paint and do all the things normal people do at weekends.

What have you learned from this experience?

The value of weekends.

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