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Cray Research has been supplying high performance computing solutions to the scientific and engineering community for over 20 years. These systems have been used to perform large scale simulation for very diverse applications; from aerodynamics to pharmaceutical design, from crash analysis to oil exploration. Computer simulation is used to minimise R & D costs and maximise efficiency while encouraging innovation. With over 600 third-party applications optimised for Cray Research systems, computer simulation is providing many companies with the competitive edge they require to get their products to market more efficiently and economically than ever before.

The Cray Research product range extends from the CRAY J90 departmental server to the large central computation server, the CRAY T90. The CRAY J90 series, which operates in an office environment, provides an excellent and cost-effective platform for capacity simulation. With a peak performance in excess of 6GFlops (billion floating point operations per second) and a memory capacity of 8GBytes, CRAY J90 systems are able to undertake analyses which can take days, even weeks, to run on workstations.

Further information about Cray Research products and services are available from the Cray Research home page on the World-Wide Web:

Cray Research & Thrust SSC

In attempting to exceed the speed of sound, physical testing of the aerodynamics of Thrust SSC as it approaches and exceeds Mach 1.0 were impossible. Computer simulation empowers the engineer with the capability to study, in detail, various aspects of the vehicleÕs design and apply any number of Ôwhat ifÕ scenarios.

The University of Wales, Swansea were commissioned to run these analyses to demonstrate the aerodynamics of the Thrust SSC vehicle at various speeds. Computer time on Cray Research systems was used to run these complex and time-consuming analyses. The resulting data was visualised using EnSight, a graphics utility available from CEI Inc., providing a supply of photographic and video material for use as promotional collateral.

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