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Railton Mobil Special

DriverJohn Cobb (Great Britain)
CarRailton Mobil Special (Great Britain)
16th September 1947
394.20 mph (m)
23rd August 1939
369.47 mph (k)
15th September 1938
350.20 mph (m)
PlaceBonneville Flats, USA.
Power Source47,872cc - 2 supercharged Napier Lion V11D (WD) aircraft engines. 24 cylinders (2 V12's). 4 wheel drive
Max power 2,500 bhp
Length8.73m (28' 8")
Height1.29m (4'3").
Track - front1.67m (5' 6")
Track - rear1.06m (3' 6")
Weight (approx.)3,203kg (7,059lbs)
Where is it now?Museum of Science and Industry, Birmingham, England.

The Railton Special returned in 1939 to reclaim the record. World War II intervened, but Cobb was back in 1947 with a modified vehicle, now renamed The Railton Mobil Special, and took the record to just short of his 400 mph target. He did achieve over 400 mph in a one way run, and his record was to stand for nearly 16 years. In 1952, Cobb was killed pursuing the World Water Speed Record like his great predecessor, Segrave.

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