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The Blue Flame

DriverGary Gabelich (United States)
CarThe Blue Flame (United States)
23rd October 1970
630.388 mph (k)
PlaceBonneville Flats, USA.
Power SourceReaction Dynamics pressure fed bio-repellant rocket system
Max power 35,000hp
Max Thrust 5,897kg. (13,000 lbs)
Constructionaluminium body
Length11.64m (38'2.6")
Height to top of tail fin2.47m (8'1.5").
Wheelbase7.77m (25'6")
Ground clearance241mm (9.5")
Weight (approx.)3,000kg (6,608lbs)
Where is it now?Sinsheim, W Germany

The former racer and trainee astronaut used rocket power and overcoming early mishaps and teething troubles, he took The Blue Flame to success. The last one on the famous Bonneville track.

Tragically, the fearless Gabelich lost his life in a motorcycling accident in 1984.

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